‘Keep your head attached.’

I went to the doctor’s today. I’d been having these occasional sudden changes in vision, maybe 4 times in the last 6 months, and wanted to get it checked out. Had an episode the other day after work and was able to walk right on over to the clinic.

So far, the feeling is that it’s a migraine without pain or headache, with a visual component. I got referred to the ‘eye guy’ to make sure nothing was wrong in that department.

The walk-in doc made a snap diagnosis and printed me a page from Google — which was just a little unnerving šŸ™‚ But the eye guy was great, pretty much the best part of my day was the half hour I spent in his office.

English was not his first language, so in asking me to rest my head in the mounts of various diagnostic equipment, he would say “Don’t worry, Samantha. Please keep your head attached.” Meaning that I should press into the supports and not lean away or backwards.

You have absolutely no idea how hilarious that sounds, how relevant it is to my current reality and how reassuring it is to hear that, I thought. Thank you; I shall try my very best not to worry, to keep my head attached, and to be a good patient šŸ™‚

And at the end of the exam, “Don’t worry, Samantha. Everything is completely normal. It could be something to do with the migraines, or your brain, but your eyes are completely normal, everything looks good.”

I just about laughed out loud. So, my vision’s fine. But my brain could be haywire. Can I be reassured and anxious at the same time? I mean, it’s good to know nothing’s wrong with my eyes, but what about my brain!? šŸ™‚

It appears further investigation is needed.

Until then I will do my best not to worry and to keep my head attached.



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