‘Concrete and barbed wire’

I got a tonne done this weekend. Had a good visit with Grandma. Rearranged my space so as to be able to better manage myself and my time and my habits — watched Outlander season 2!!! Eeek! 🙂 So good! The Prince is a bit of a jerk, but that’s a good thing, because that’s the character he’s supposed to be, and he is believable. Read my book for an hour! And had a decent sleep, too.

Though, today was rather rough. I felt very rickety and like someone was sucking the marrow and energy out of my bones, but otherwise in good spirits, which is a very odd place to be, let me tell you. My feet hurt in my new shoes, which was a bummer. And I didn’t want to walk them down the short road of destruction, same as the last pair, so I was probably walking funnier than usual…And my hands hurt too, which, to be honest, sucked more than the sore feet, because, well, my hands are my feet — they are what I rely on to support my weight, hold me up and get me to where I need to be.

I want nothing more right now than a rib-crushing hug, a fresh salad and a muffin.





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