Daily Prompt: Attempt #8 (Circus) Been so busy taking care of others, that self-care has kinda gone out the window this past week; look up 'circus' in the dictionary and it's the definition of my life lately. My head hurts. Hope is so hard to give up. Hope that things will get better, be different,... Continue Reading →



Daily Prompt: Attempt #7 (Blank) I've nothing solid to write in response today... Sorry!


Daily Prompt: Attempt #6 (Countless) Sitting here, wondering how to start. I want to be spontaneous. I want to say, "Hey, friend! Let's go for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner; my treat. Let's settle in and catch up on all the latest, watch a movie, take a walk, just hang." And I have. I just haven't got... Continue Reading →

Not alone

Daily Prompt: Attempt #5 (Grain) I am sometimes overwhelmed at how little each of us knows one another, how instantly and deeply complete strangers can connect and share when some of those we would call our closest friends and allies can have such a huge impact on our lives and yet remain ignorant of some... Continue Reading →

A bit gruff

Daily Prompt: Attempt #4 (Phase) Today's prompt is "Phase", and I have to tell you that I'm in the midst of one. One where I'd like to toss anything disagreeable and it's consequences out the window, but I can't, because I'm to conscious of the impacts and really do still need to be able to... Continue Reading →

Like the dead…

Daily Prompt: Attempt #3 (Dream) PC: (Alexis) I woke up today at 11am. Yes! Victory! It was amazing. I had an amazing sleep and actually slept in! No dreams, no worries, no alarms, just pure bliss, complete with crusty eyes and crinkly sheet impressions tattooed over my entire body.  I went through my morning... Continue Reading →


I've been rather aimless today. Breakfast was delicious and I'm clean, warm and dry and I know what's for dinner, so that's no small feat. But I feel like I'm missing something. And that I'm too sleepy to do anything about it. I'm a minimalist that has overindulged slightly and it's put me off balance. So,... Continue Reading →


Daily Prompt: Attempt #2 (Saga) I heard it said once that for an artist to be happy is a kind of self-sabotage, because all the great tales and songs and sagas hinge on struggle and sacrifice and turmoil, and if you get to a place in life where you are happy and thriving, well then,... Continue Reading →

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