Now. What. When. Soon.


I  could scribble this out on my chalkboard. Which I should do and have done and would be fun. But for now, this makes the most sense, as my brain is whirling in all sorts of weird and wonderful directions.


One step at a time.

A good night’s sleep. Some tv. Play with my dog.

Eat breakfast (pancakes, or yogurt, granola and fruit).

Find a frame and a laundry basket and shop with a vehicle.

Lunch. Go for a walk. Read. Visit. Laugh.

One on one and heart to heart.

Fajitas for dinner. Fiddle later.

Clean air and star gazing and tea in the kitchen over chats on life.

A girl can dream, no?

One step at a time.


Mind tags: Laundry, Dogs, Family, Grad, Outlander, Sleep, Soup, Holiday, Shoes, Tech.


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