In the isle:

Avian Respiratory Systems and Even Easier Grilled Cheese

I went grocery shopping today and I kid you not, found a product designed to make the making of grill-cheese even simpler, with an advisory on the back informing the user that “it is well documented that avians have sensitive respiratory systems. Do not keep birds in or near your kitchen.” I read it twice, just to be sure my brain wasn’t experiencing a malfunction, and though the remembered phrasing is not identical to the original, it is very, very similar (I would have taken a picture if I could, perhaps I’ll even go back tomorrow and take one).

Making grilled cheese is really not that hard. Bread, butter, cheese, fry pan and stove top, a few minutes a side and you’re in business. But should you ever want to make yourself this classic sandwich with the bare minimum of exertion and expertise, you can now by a bag that will allow you to slap one together using your toaster instead! 🙂 Just don’t forget to remove your avian guests first before you embark on this culinary venture.

I’ll take a picture tomorrow, I promise.

It’s true, bizarre, and it made me laugh. I just had to share!




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