In need of a hug and a revolutionary shoe

So, work was extremely busy today; I was extremely busy at work today. It went well, but it was definitely not quiet — and I could really use some quiet time.

Also, I’ve been fantasizing about being able-bodied and how nice it would be not to have to feel obligated to be overprotective of your shoes and attempt to form new neuro-pathways for smooth, effortless running that for me, currently, simply don’t/won’t exist.

I read a phrase somewhere, describing a disabled child’s walk/run as looking like “a controlled fall” — maybe it was in a Chicken Soup book? Anyways, I’m not sure what I look like when I run on foot (vs crutches), but I have a feeling the above descriptor would be pretty accurate.

I was running down the hall at work — because, let’s face it, running is faster than walking and usually more fun! The hall is maybe 20 feet. And, despite wearing shoes only a few weeks old, and thus, for me still in the anxiety provoking I-wonder-if-they’re-gonna-make-it-or-be-torn-to-shreds stage of Sami Shoe Testing, I figured a little toe-dragging wouldn’t hurt– it’s carpeted after all. And it’s only a few feet.

I get home and find that a (small) section off the front of my left shoe has been worn to a different color than my right. CRAP! I mean seriously?! I’m not sure if I should let the retailer know? I’m just kind of upset ticked off that I have to be so bloody careful all the time not to wreck my shoes!

Add your thoughts below — no need to be specific, just looking to begin a conversation of sorts! 🙂



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