bright light, late night

Good solid day at work today, sun shining, lots of smiles. Got to get back in touch with my creative organizational side and sort through the storage closet and stack many boxes! Seriously, this kind of stuff makes me so happy 🙂

Home. Decompressed. Cooled off, because, holy cow it is warm out, and pretty toasty inside to say the least. I’m a warm-bodied person, but still. Plus, I accidentally left the heat on at my place– oops! It’s turned off now, and I don’t imagine I will be turning it on again until fall.

Been blogging and web browsing with tunes for a while now. Weekends are so great! 🙂

I like when I can focus in on something, follow it all the way through and be satisfied with the results at the end, whether it be making dinner, settling my mind, reading a book or getting organized in a space.

Everything’s pretty organized and my mind is pretty settled ATM, which means I’m a happy camper. Barring the fact that my right hand has this weird twingey pain from who knows what.

Enjoying the calm, clean, solitude. And looking forward to seeing family tomorrow –hope the weather holds!

Midnight snack time.

Be kind to yourself, and others, too 🙂