Month: April 2016

Friday’s blurb

I've failed completely at coming up with original post titles. Pizza on Wednesday was amazing. So was the cello. I'm full of hope at the moment, that I can really make it, and make a difference in this world, and live the life that I want. I'm a S.L.O.B. right now -- Sam Lying On … Continue reading Friday’s blurb


Wednesday’s blurb

I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread. -- Bilbo Baggins When the road gets bumpy, I eat chocolate and listen to the soundtrack for Outlander. I'm thinking I should play some cello and hopefully hear from my sister. I'm craving consistency and quiet. However, today, I have the energy … Continue reading Wednesday’s blurb

Rest, please.

I want to melt into a puddle. It feels stupid to write this, because there's so much I could write about that would be so much more fun and interesting, but I'm just really tired- still good, but really tired.


Sunday started off messy. I should have clued in faster and looked at my dinky little clock with the temperature reading so that I could have dressed for the 25's rather than the 5's. 25! I don't know if I'm gonna make it through global warming and weather extremes. So, there I was, sitting on … Continue reading Musings

Can Anyone Relate, I Wonder?

Fall to pieces in the shower. Frustrated with your own ineptitude. Wanting to bend time to your will. Fighting the urge to pick up an instrument in the small hours. Dreaming of positive impacts. Hoofbeats and heaving sides, fresh cut grass and helicopter tails. Quiet houses with eggs and bacon and books. Happy houses with friends and kitchen parties. Inspiration … Continue reading Can Anyone Relate, I Wonder?