Plugged in, Tuned out.

My evening disappeared.

I’ve been writing and relaxing almost since I got home. It feels great.

Lying on my bed, with my laptop. Earbuds in listening to my favourite tracks.

I was half thinking of journeying to the Coast after work and kicking off the Easter weekend among family. But then I thought, “No. You know what? I really want to go home, have the place to myself, eat a solid dinner and chill out. Spend one more sleep in my own bed and enjoy the fact that I don’t have to jump out of it at 7am.”

And I’m so glad I did! I came home, ate a few cookies, watched some HP — Deathly Hallows: part 1 😀 Wrote some new content for this blog of mine, perused various points of interest. Made a fantastic stir-fry, accompanied by some great tunes. And came to rest and write the rest, back here in bed.

I’m stuffed. I am so full! And one glass of almond milk was honestly more of a dessert than the cookies.

I’m so thankful for the moments that I can feel grounded and not worry or think about too much. There is so, so much to consider these days, and sometimes my head actually hurts, trying to sort through it all — more on that later.

Off I go to watch the ending of my movie, digest my meal, get cozy and hopefully have a decent sleep(in) to jumpstart my weekend.



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