thoughts on spring

I’ve been sneezing a lot.

I’m trying to pay more attention to the words I use.

Please don’t gift me stuff. I just want to enjoy the experience, share the moment.

Out with the old and tired, and in with the fresh and new. Amen!

I would really love some peanut butter, and for someone to come for tea. I want to read what’s on my shelf, and remind myself why I love libraries and muffins and sunny afternoons.

I need some fresh air and a dog to hang with. I really love music and dance, and having a sense of joy and place in what is often a chaotic world.

I can barely keep my eyes open, but I’m going to attempt a shower and an episode of Grey’s with popcorn. And fingers crossed for a comfortable sleep in — I wouldn’t mind a bit if it rained all day tomorrow 🙂 Self care and space care coming up.




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