many directions (2)


Feeling empty and just keeping my head above water here.

Why does all the proverbial shit in my little corner of the world have to happen at once?

I get maybe it’s hard to keep it together, but honestly, I’m worried right now and it would be nice if everyone in my circle of trust didn’t go thinking up worse-case scenarios and making backseat navigational decisions and judgement calls.

Sometimes I just need to talk it out and have a hug at the end. And sometimes that needed support, and listening ability is lacking.

On the upside, I made it through today 🙂

Work was a success, though the experience was comparable to running with scissors.

Pasta dinner was delicious!

Writing helps me deal. The current soundtrack is pretty great and the hour is still decent.

Did I mention that I miss boring and predictable??!! It’s pretty ambitious, but I feel if I can make it another 6 weeks, I might have a chance of achieving a routine that I can continue to follow for the rest of 2016. I will try my very best.



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