Random post to say that I'm still here and still trucking and still smiling and there will be more on all of everything later 🙂 Life, Work, Dogs, Friends, Family, Grad, Vacay... It's never boring! Thank goodness for the weekend! And they are all mine now-- I'm parking it at Sami Central for awhile-- and... Continue Reading →


work in progress (1)

Finding Joy: Feeling good and finding inspiration from this little book here 🙂 Tunes: Johny Cash, Nora Jones, The Beatles... among others. Just appreciating my million-dollar view, and getting some self-care and space-care into the mix.

work in progress

Today has been good. And I'm happy it's not over, because there's quite a few things left I want to get done. Stay tuned. --Sam


It's where my head is at... I could do many things-- but right now I want to do nothing. Made it home, finally! I'm so sleepy, and the sky is blue and the sun is shining and I don't have to be anywhere or do anything, so I'm taking advantage. ~ My hands smell like... Continue Reading →

Plugged in, Tuned out.

My evening disappeared. I've been writing and relaxing almost since I got home. It feels great. Lying on my bed, with my laptop. Earbuds in listening to my favourite tracks. I was half thinking of journeying to the Coast after work and kicking off the Easter weekend among family. But then I thought, "No. You... Continue Reading →


I find it interesting, what drives people, and what drives them crazy. Though, I don't think I'd want to venture into the professions of psychology or social work. Connecting with people, and connecting people with other people on the basis of who they are and where they are in life, and providing an open point... Continue Reading →

thoughts on spring

I've been sneezing a lot. I'm trying to pay more attention to the words I use. Please don't gift me stuff. I just want to enjoy the experience, share the moment. Out with the old and tired, and in with the fresh and new. Amen! I would really love some peanut butter, and for someone... Continue Reading →


My biological systems have gone completely haywire. I felt so icky I had one shower this morning and after serious consideration, one this evening. Borrowing a phrase from Diana Gabaldon, 'I feel as though my belly is full of broken glass' (Claire, The Fiery Cross). Physical activity definitely helps negate the pain, which is really irritating, because when... Continue Reading →

just ok

Today was just ok; not good, not bad. Just ok. I felt like it took me forever to walk home. And somehow I got 2 of everything in the mail, which was all junk mail anyways, though I did keep a lined notepad of which there was only one. And I got in the door... Continue Reading →

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