Trading smiles

I was lying on the floor on my back at dance, just enjoying the feel of the floor and the sound of the fans and the rhythm of my breath, and then rims and long dark hair creep into my field of vision. I smile.


“I’m waiting for you…” the voice says impatiently. Why? I wonder silently, amused. “We catch the same train!”

“Oh! Ok. You want to go together, then?” I smile up from the floor and it is returned.

This is my kind of communication, my kind of evening. Don’t have to do much, or say much. Just move through it and enjoy time together. Smile and goof off and talk about hot guys at the gym, threaten to leave one another at the top of the elevator shaft, and share stories of people’s incredible genius.

Thank you, friend 🙂 It is so wonderful to know a kindred spirit.