Splinched and blurbs (2)

“Don’t act, be.” — Kate Winslet

I’m not acting, I’m being. All of today. I have been myself, with myself, all of today. Which is lovely. But I’d rather have company.

I want a living breathing being to share a moment with right now. I want someone to ask me a compelling question, and stick around to listen to my answer. I want to be myself with another person, have a conversation with equal participation and enjoyment that goes somewhere. And all of that’s a bit of a struggle right now, but it doesn’t make me want it any less.

I can’t shake a feeling of deja-vu, which is annoying and kind of creepy, when for the last week at least, moments have come along and I’m like, “I’ve been here before…Seen it before…”

Well, I’m running out of words to put on this blog, no conversations except with myself and posts to the blogosphere which is super, but not really taking me anywhere at the moment– and I’m getting hungry, so I’m off to sup some soup for supper!