The Sammy Shuffle: part 20

I think it’s a case of mental and physical exhaustion, really. Because I’ve been falling with more frequency lately. Not that I track falls or anything, but usually, I can’t remember the last time I’ve fallen, and have conveniently forgotten how much pain (if any) was involved due to so much time having past.


Lately, that’s changed.

I’ve fallen down and up stairs, and out of buses and onto sidewalks and into crosswalks. I’ve fallen in the dirt and the mud, and because the toaster pops in the kitchen. It happens. I’m cool with that. Really.

I fall and nine times out of ten, someone will see and come try to help. And I appreciate it, I really do. I understand there are good people out there who want to help their fellow humans.

But I wish people would ask first, and take me seriously when I say “I’m fine. Thank you, though!” instead of the default reaction of being flustered and exclaiming “Oh my goodness!!! Are you alright?!! Here, let me… I’ll just… (grabs an appendage and pulls) Oh, sorry! Are you sure you’re alright, dear?”

Maybe I just need to be more assertive? Or give them some directions, so they can feel helpful and actually be of some genuine assistance?

Like, “If you could hold my backpack and just give me some space so I can get up (or a moment to just survey the damage from ground zero), please, that would be awesome! Thank you!” Or, “Would you happen to have some water or first aid supplies that I could patch up these scratches with?”

People are in such a rush! Like, can I please just take a minute, a whole 60 seconds to not move or get up or do anything except accept the fact that I’ve fallen and decide how to get vertical once again?


Dad says I should get a t-shirt printed with the words: “I’ve fallen, and I CAN get up!” šŸ˜€ I think this is both hilarious and an excellent idea.

Anyways, if I fall, don’t worry. I never do. My capitulation to resurrection process/inner dialogue usually goes something like this: “OUCH!… Well, that was interesting… Ok. No, I’m fine, thank you. Upsa-daisy! On with the show!”

If I need help I will let you know, but mostly, I just need a moment. And if you can remember to ask, that would be super cool, because you never know if you might be needed and there’s no harm in asking.

And even if you think I’m crying, I’m probably laughing. AĀ visitor to theĀ house once asked if everything was alright, overhearing my reaction to well-timed joke, because, when I laugh really hard, I sound like I’m dying of a broken heart.

That’s all šŸ™‚