Chopped liver, dirt and other things

There could be more to this story, but the gist of it is, I fell down, literally. And right now, I’d just like to stay down.

A friend once posted on her wall, “If you ever want to realize how much you do, just try and replace yourself.”

And I’m just starting to realize, and appreciate, how much I do every day. And that it is ok to be tired at the end of it all, and not be all modest and self-deprecating and shrug it off with something like, “Yeah, I work and I go to school and I enjoy life even if it gets a little crazy sometimes.”

It is a lot. I do A LOT. And I do it pretty damned well.

And I’m really freakin’ tired. I’ve been on the go constantly for the past several months, everything in high gear, all the pieces in motion. And it’s been a challenge. A good one, a happy one! But I’m really freakin’ tired… 🙂

Also, I fell. On my dog, in the dirt –though not in the rain! And we’re both fine. It happens, occasionally, I fall on my dog. I tripped. I went down faster than he could get out of the way. No biggie.

But it was a long day, and today has been another one. And I’m ready to fall into bed. I need rest. I have popcorn for dinner and a chat with a friend and all day tomorrow to recharge once again.



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