Friday Full-tilt

The traffic roars. It’s a calculated risk each time I hit the sidewalk, filmed and slippery, that I don’t fall on my face as I head to work, in the wind and rain of a west-coast winter.

I have 2 main speeds I travel at, slow (which I hate and do only when absolutely necessary) and fast (which I can and have done, all day).

I like being on my own, being an adult, making my own rules, going at my own speed. It is such an amazing feeling, to be moving through life under your own power.

I enter the office from outside and the noise stops. Dead quiet. It was quite the shock to be honest; it is my clearest memory of the morning.

Off work and not ready to head home, I go to the coffee shop 2 blocks down, settle, eat my muffin, borrow some free wifi, sit and people-watch, humming to Adele.

Home and feeling efficient, I prep for dinner, eat it and crash contentedly onto bed to watch some TV. I was efficient. Too efficient, it would seem; I look at the clock and it’s not even 9pm. Now what?!

Tunes 😀 I turn them up probably louder than strictly necessary and flit around the space finding random tasks and interests to keep myself entertained. I watch the skyline, notice the colours and shades, the lights and the beauty. I feel the music through the floor– it reaches my soul today, this solid collection of favourite tunes–and I thank god I don’t have any homework.

I was and am entirely driven today. And the momentum hasn’t slowed. Though I’ll have to go to sleep eventually, it’s been a pretty great day. Happy Friday!




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