Movies, etc.

This is weird and random and I was arguing with myself if it was advisable to post today, and then this happened! Tada 🙂


So, I went to the movies with Forrest. It was awesome, thanks, bro!

It was so great to just visit and laugh and relax and have fun — no stress. And also to have homemade PB personally delivered and a uniquely qualified SideStix mechanic on-hand for a checkup and maintenance 😀 Believe me when I say that on such an occasion my happiness level is about 110%. Eeek!

So, I got to visit, and see a superb show and get some PB and Stix maintenance into the bargin.

I laughed as I went full-tilt down to the bus stop, Forrest running along-side. It is so weird to see him running! Usually it’s a confident amble enabled by legs probably twice as long as mine, or he’s on wheels. And we passed some real characters on the way down; an Aussie in a scooter who offered up several rib-cracking comments, and anecdotes of her ski hill adventures.

Room (the film we went to see), was excellent. It was intense, and pulled me right in. And I definitely want to read the book.


Today was good, and tomorrow will come soon enough. Now, my brain hurts. I’m dead, and I need to go to bed. Lastly though, I’m really happy to have access to some quality entertainment, a good book, a supportive network and ability to enjoy the little things while looking towards the future.

If this is all a bit cryptic, sorry! It’s just how I feel and is more blog-friendly than the more lengthy details 🙂 I just find it really helps to write type my thoughts down here in some form –this is my web-log, after all!

Thanks for visiting!



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