Splinched and blurbs (3)

Gosh! There's so much more to think about and say and do, but for now, I'm only going as far as dinner, popcorn and movie, and bed. More later.


Trading smiles

I was lying on the floor on my back at dance, just enjoying the feel of the floor and the sound of the fans and the rhythm of my breath, and then rims and long dark hair creep into my field of vision. I smile. "Hey!" "I'm waiting for you..." the voice says impatiently. Why? I... Continue Reading →

Splinched and blurbs (2)

"Don't act, be." -- Kate Winslet I'm not acting, I'm being. All of today. I have been myself, with myself, all of today. Which is lovely. But I'd rather have company. I want a living breathing being to share a moment with right now. I want someone to ask me a compelling question, and stick... Continue Reading →

Know me?

People think they know me, but do they really? And more to the point, I don't feel like I really know anyone anymore... Do I? I feel like I know myself pretty damn well though, so that's comforting. All I want to do right now is to curse, and rest and make melodies, phrasing evolved... Continue Reading →

Like it is (1)

I can't be sure, but I think I slept a solid 14hrs. It was great. Really, really great 😀 I've started watching X Company, and it's pretty good. ~ The world's not small anymore, people. Not in the way you knew it, not in the way it was. And the info is not going to be... Continue Reading →

Splinched and blurbs (1)

Let me just say I would do almost anything to possess the ability to apparate, right now. I've places to go, people to see, things to do, and it's fun, it's good. But it also requires a whole lot of energy, effort and planning 🙂 Boy, am I glad it's the weekend! If anyone needs... Continue Reading →

Slow going (2)

Meh! That's how it goes today. Nothing too exciting or terrible, just kind of sloooow. I don't know if one can be bored and overstimulated at the same time, but that's how I feel. I want to visit and I want to be alone. I want to rest and I want to get up and... Continue Reading →

Slow going

I'm clean (and dry!) and warm and comfy and burnt toast has been replaced with jasmine rice and fresh laundry. Dinner's almost ready, and I've got the evening's entertainment all picked out. I'm not sure how I'm still awake. But I'm glad that I am. I look back and I'm not sure how I made it... Continue Reading →

Burnt toast

Yep, so I burnt the toast this morning 🙂 I'm just feeling like I want to eek out a comfy-cozy space in the clutter and just give myself over to the absolute bliss of this amazing sun streaming in the window. But I should definitely do laundry and paperwork and housework and grocery-shopping. However, I... Continue Reading →

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