Jan 31

If you’re just reading this, thanks for stopping by! This is the concluding post in a month-long experiment of mine to try to post one post a day for the month of January.

I’m happy to report that was absent only 3 days, and I’d say that the experiment has been a success! And that the new year is off to a pretty great and interesting start. Feel free to browse over the last 31 days and see what 2016 has been about so far 🙂 *In case you were wondering, all of my posts that are in a series or based on common themes are tagged with “themes”, so if you’re feeling adventurous and readerly, clicking that tag is always an option.

Today hasn’t been too exciting. Mom came for a visit, bearing gifts! I’m most happy that my lovely, artistic, yet slightly creepy random dog photo/frame has found a new canine portrait to house with a more fun-loving vibe! And books and chocolate, love it!

I’m signing off now though, my ears hurt. I’ve had my headphones on for quite some time, and glasses, too. And it’s time to rest.





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