Wacky Cake

It’s been a crazy week, and the crazy just keeps coming.

I had tofu dessert and peanut butter toast for breakfast, went to Grandma’s for a belated birthday lunch, and then to dance (which was a little slow today, but at least it was warm!).

Everyone was like, “Is this ok? Can you do this? Can I help you” and the guest instructor was like, “Is everyone feeling in their bodies today? Let’s just try this, was that ok? What do you think? How are you with touch?” I’m good on all accounts, thanks! Just do it, dance! Grab the Stix, don’t grab the Stix, touch me or not, I won’t bite! Why is this so weird today?  It was just very different from the usual, with too many choices and too much hesitation and not enough music (the sound system was down = no tunes!).

hands-220163_640Coming home, I almost got flattened by the fare gates at the train! Maybe it was stupid, but my purse and pass were at the bottom of my pack and I was two steps behind someone heading through the gate, so I thought I’d go for it…Unless you are a solid wall of a person, don’t go for it! They close fast and hard with enough force to stop you in your tracks, if not send you flying backwards, which was a near thing for me, let me tell you. First and last time I will be trying that!

I just really wanted to get home. I had been out most of the day, cold, wet and confused. It was dark, I was tired and sick of transit and traffic. Though I did see a poster for how peanut butter can save the world, which made me smile and google it later (PB for the Hungry), and I sang in the elevator, which was fun 🙂

I made it home. Finally. Made dinner, did the dishes, scribbled on my chalkboard and played some fiddle and am feeling pretty normal now.  My head is still pretty full of the week’s events, but hopefully that will get sorted 🙂


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