The heart stops and the blood rises and fire burns.

The ground shifts and sighs and murmurs.

Movement is exaggerated and the wind sings in the trees.

I take my weight and power forward with a chink and thump and look up.

The fleece brushes my nose and my teeth bite down

on a smile as the zipper is held between them

And I feel alive.


I was having a really hard time coming up with what to write today. So I wrote the piece above because all I could think about was snow and winter and the mountains and how amazing it feels to be in that environment. And then I remembered how important stories are. They are so important.

Stories hold knowledge and understanding, and they help us to know and understand. A good chunk of my day is made up of stories, connections and scenarios.

I think it is so important to be able to tell stories and create stories and share stories, rather than simply stating facts or figures or opinions or events or outcomes.

For example, I could say I love my SideStix because they are designed by users, for users, with shock absorbers, rotating feet and ergronomic angles. Or I could say that I have a blast up the mountain, snowshoeing with my family on local trails using the snowshoe attachments, and have not experienced any wrist pain in years because of the unique grip design, rotating feet and shock absorption system that work to eliminate discomfort and disruption as much as possible throughout my natural stride.

I want to know the story. I want to share stories with others.

I hate it when people do one liners, like, “I’m on this diet, because I want to lose weight,” or “I’m just working this job until I have enough money to go travel to Mongolia.” and they just leave it like that, like what about the rest of it?!

I want to say that dieting is not all about weight-loss and that ‘diet’ is a silly thing to call it, because a diet is defined first as what you habitually eat and not what you restrict yourself to eating (or from eating); we are all on a diet! I want to know the motivation behind it and the history and the bigger picture view of where all the pieces will end up.

Why did you pick Mongolia? What area will you visit first? What are you most excited to learn/see/do, and why?


I’ve worked really hard today– learning and thinking and doing, and interacting with all sorts of people. And I’m really very tired, so I’m going to go to bed now!

Today’s story has come to an end!

Good night, friends 🙂