Big and Small (2)

A Retelling of Yesterday into Today (AKA: Thoughts Loosed)

I dream, I wonder, I find and see possibilities everywhere. Sometimes the big stuff is small, and sometimes the small stuff is HUGE! The picture attached to Big and Small (1), the post before this one, captures this idea, and my thoughts and experiences over the past two days so, so well! 🙂


I spent 30 minutes yesterday watching and listening to Mr. Michael Bublé open up to fans on Facebook about his philosophy, hopes, happiness and outlook on life as a new father of two. It was so refreshing and unexpected and genuine. I loved it. It was very cool!

He says,”No mystique is a big mistake,” that there has to be a part of you that you don’t show the world, that they don’t get to see. And I believe it.


I also have faith and love science and facts, and know that there is beauty and forces and all manner of things which we cannot explain but can still experience.

I was in the library once, years ago in high school, reading a print copy of the local newspaper in which there was a brief article on the symbiotic relationship between faith and science.

And though I can’t for the life of me find that article, I read it once and that was enough. It was beautiful, and it made perfect sense, and it restored my faith in humanity. I know it, and that is enough.


I know it. And that is enough. 

And right now, there are things I can’t say, that would take me days to pull out onto this blog or fit into a conversation, but I am seriously inspired. I am determined to be my own person and go on my own journey.

To work hard. To do my job well, and be well. To support people’s mental health and my own –because it’s important and overlooked and misunderstood.

To do things differently, make small changes and be apart of the trickle-down. To be there, up-close, to participate and not be at a distance. To have a positive effect, an impact.

To train dogs, learn more about the brain and behaviour and cross-species communication. To create partnerships and friendships and understanding with people and causes I care about.

To learn to skate, and horseback-ride, and drive, and administer first aid.

I want to travel, and meet new people. To ask good questions, give good answers. I want to walk in the rain, and watch movies with popcorn.

I want acceptance, to be myself and grow in a continuous process.

I want to be prepared, I want to have fun, I want to do what I feel is best for me in the moment and not feel adverse to the pressures I come up against.


I am in a good place right now. I know it, and that is enough.

Things are happening, and I have the measure of them. I have considered carefully and I am not afraid of waiting nor of leaping. If I died today or tomorrow or sometime in the near future, I would not regret it or be unfulfilled.

I am utilizing my skills and learning new ones.

I am happy with where I’m at and looking forward to where I’m going, to the opportunities and possibilities ahead. And that has not always been true.


This turned out much longer than originally planned!

But I feel good about it. I don’t have a dog or plant or person or anything to talk to or unwind to at the moment, so the page is perfect.

Now, I really have to go eat something, and relax. Maybe watch some Shadowhunters or read or just head to bed at a decent hour….

I am anticipating cake — it’s my B-day tomorrow. And if my cravings get the better of me before Saturday, well, I’m treating myself to a strawberry milkshake, because, let’s be honest, those are to die for 🙂



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