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Did you know there’s no standardized way to write the date in Canada?


And, how many people have jobs and careers and lives where they get by just by making shit up… This is really irritating me right now! Some people are just a little too good at BS, putting on a show or a label that’s convincing enough that we’ll fall for it, or pay for it in one way or another.


“We are currently experiencing high call volumes. The estimated wait time is more than 30 minutes. Your call is important to us.”

No kidding! Why not just say it like it is? The call volume is always high, because we don’t have the funding or the people to serve the marginalized population on the other end of the line. The estimated wait time averages 36 hours; we’ll get back to you in a day or two. And your call is not important to anyone but you, but we’re doing the best we can with limited resources.


“I’m the head of this department!” Oh, really? Your job demands that you interact with the public and resolve conflicts on a daily basis, dealing with vulnerable populations and complex legislation and yet, you lack people skills and knowledge of the legalities you are responsible for interpreting.


And how many people are lacking those basic skills? Like how to read and write at 20 and not sound like you’re two! Or how to treat living things with compassion, answer the telephone, or shop for groceries. Or how to think things through, research, make informed decisions.


It’s not just about what you eat or wear or use. It’s about where it comes from, what’s in it, how it travels; the lives involved and at risk; labour conditions and wages; living arrangements. It’s about the fall-out, costs and benefits; the resources used, depleted and polluted and the waste created. Think of the impact socially, physically, psychologically, economically, environmentally and the supply and demand that’s generated at a distance. It’s about security and sustainability, health and heart, knowledge and awareness. It’s about local solutions and community collaboration.

I’m using what I’ve got and I’m taking steps to make it better by reducing, reusing and recycling. I’m buying local and organic, and in season. I’m looking at ingredients in soap as well as soup. I’m making do with less, and it takes some thought, but it is possible and profitable –and feels good.

Seriously, thank you Geography 101! I am so scared that I am watching the end of the world, and terrified by the contradictions of such incredible affluence and poverty, concern and disregard, action and paralysis, change and stagnation. But I’m gonna fight the good fight the best I possibly can.


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