Direct lines

Now, my Stix are good as new, and that makes me incredibly happy! I need to warm up, relax, have some chocolate and deluxe omelet. I’m really trying to slow down and simplify, here… Hungry? Eat. Tired? Sleep. Broken? Fix it. Curious? Go for it. Want it? Take it. Something to say? Say it.


The inspiration driving me for the past 6 months is this song: My Silver Lining, by First Aid Kit. If I had to pull something from it, it would be this line, though there are so many others!

“I don’t want to wait anymore, I’m tired of looking for answers/Take me someplace where there’s music and there’s laughter.”

Lately, I’ve had way too much of an information overload, on the edge of panic. And in sorting through and overthinking things, my brain is just so tired. So, I’m taking the complexity out of things today, and hopefully more in the future. Not that I want to become a mindless idiot, on the contrary, I want to be able to start to see again the simple building blocks that will set me up to be able to tackle some of the bigger-picture issues, which I’m too tired to go into now, but will later.

Until next time,