Natural Habitat

Helped Hayley sort through the fridge at work today; some items were rather questionable. Best moment of the day was when we tossed 2 kilos of salsa down the toilet, only to regret it a half hour later.

“Damn, I wish I had some salsa!” I can hear her rummaging in the kitchen, from my station at the front desk. I snort loudly and start to shake with mirth.

“I know you think that’s funny, but it’s true!” her voice echoes back to me, tone a balance of frustration and amusement, “I brought chile for lunch today, and I could really use some salsa, you know?” I laugh and she joins in.


Dad and I walked down to Whitespot, had a delicious dinner and returned to Sami Central to have some father-daughter time, and do some interior decorating– the pictures look much nicer on the wall than on the bookcase– and movie watching. It was wonderful 🙂 No rush, no fuss, and someone who shares my sense of humour.


Breakfast 930am
Everything omlete $7.75
Coffee $3.00

Reads the chalkboard newly installed in the entry-way. I smile.

“How ya doin’ Sami?” Dad comes around the corner and laughs.


I was in my natural habitat today, and able to be myself, and one of the better versions, which I feel like I can do now more and more. Life is good. And today was great.

Until next time,