The Sammy Shuffle: part 18

Because I am dead-tired this evening, here’s one for you, for today, from the vault of 2015!
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Freak show, isle 3:

I went shopping yesterday. It was an experience – for the other shoppers!

There were a lot of little people and their parents. And every isle I went down I was followed with gaping mouths and wide-eyed stares. I turned so many heads that by the 5th time, I just had to laugh. And then I started to get weirded out.

They should make an announcement, I thought, laughing: “Freak show, isle three! Sammies on special!”, or perhaps produce a documentary narrated by David Attenbrough? 🙂

There is a strange and wonderful creature, living along the coast of the Salish Sea in Canada’s western-most province of British Columbia…. The Samamander. It walks, it talks and it has four legs! This young female is foraging for her next meal. Success! She’s found it! A muffin from the bakery…. Some, like the Samamander must search out their own meals, but others, such as the Venus Fly Trap, wait for the food to come to them….

Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to people staring. But this was intense. If I moved to the left, to the right, the eyes followed. Up one isle and down another. By the end of it I was more than a little uncomfortable, and happy to leave.

Recounting it all to the family over dinner later, Forrest laughs good-naturedly, and Mom listens intently, “So, how do you shop, Sam? Do you use a cart, a basket or what?”

Man! Maybe that documentary wouldn’t be such a bad idea… 🙂

“No,” I say, “I use my backpack. Everything else is just too cumbersome.”

“So…what do you do? Just leave it on and open? Throw stuff behind you and hope it goes in?” She tosses the imaginary item over her shoulder in illustration, causing Forrest and I to burst out laughing.

“No! No, of course not! I cleared it all with Customer Service, they said my using the backpack is fine, as long as I pay for what I put in it. So I just find what I need, take the pack off, put the stuff in, put the pack on, and head to the checkout.”

At least I was able to give someone a satisfactory answer –and the muffin, and dinner was delicious, BTW.