Comfy cozy

Be kind. Breathe. Listen. Think. Ask questions. Speak.

I’m looking for inspiration to write this post today, because the last entry didn’t really count. And all I can say is that I’m just so content here, now. Allison Krause and Robert Plant are singing, the lighting is soft. I’ve a full stomach, jeans, crocs and a place on the couch with my laptop, with a commanding view of the city lights.

Today, I woke up after a good night’s sleep, watched some tv, dressed, made breakfast (delicious), goofed around online, cleaned up, had a nap, cleaned up some more, made dinner, and now I’m here. It’s been pretty fantastic actually!

I’ve had nowhere to be, no one to see and nothing to do –except enjoy my Sunday. There’s no schoolwork, required readings, appointments or events, no bills to pay, no goods to buy, I’ve only heard one (edit: two) sirens today, there’s no parties upstairs or down, no followup or anxious waiting to be done, no one to judge or influence my actions, or question my sanity for preferring real-life veterinary drama over Grey’s Anatomy, or for doing any of the other stuff I enjoy doing.

I had this realization this morning while washing dishes (which I do actually enjoy), Holy crap! I don’t have any homework!  😀 And all the other big ticket items that have been weighing me down for months –if not years, are taken care of, to the highest possible degree. It’s taken guts, conviction, extreme patience and an extraordinary effort, but at this moment I am carefree and have no regrets.