*note: this post is a bit scrambled, but then so is my brain atm, sorry!

Today was fun.

I woke up and it was snowing!!! Eeek! 😀  Got out of bed, made a few phone calls, sent a few emails and headed to the bus. A good chunk of my day was spent on transit. It was kind of nice. Nothing too exciting happened, and it was warm and not smelly, so that was good!

I ran some errands. Got groceries. Came home, had lunch, relaxed. Did 2 loads of laundry, had a shower. Skyped Mom and Dad — can I just say some of our conversations are pretty bizarre? Anyways, I’m sitting here shivering, ’cause my hair’s wet. But it’s so nice to feel fresh and clean!

…I’m in k9 limbo here: I don’t live with a dog, but I have a dog. I want to train the dog, but none of it is really mine to deal with now, except that it is, and there are those questions that are meant to be simple, that in my overworked, hyper-sensitive, currently under-confident trainer’s mind-set is just too much to deal with. Which is stupid, because if I gave myself half a chance, and had the luxury of pulling on all my knowledge and resources, I could figure it out. But it’s hard to do it all in your head, with a crappy internet connection and all those What?s and Whatif?s and no solid start or end point. I’ll give it until the weekend. And see if I can’t begin to make some headway.

Right now I need something hot. And I need to decide between Bondi Vet and Outlander.

Lots to do tomorrow!

I really would like to have my books back, and my new chalk-page, and my fiddle, and peanut butter, and I wouldn’t say no to shortbread (maybe I can still buy eggnog?), but I will have to hold out until Wednesday for that. So much to do before then.

…It’s nice that school’s off the list of things to think about for the moment. But honestly, there’s still so much more I want to do, and say and see! My head feels like it’s going to explode with all the possibilities, which is exciting and a little terrifying.

It’s a way better feeling than in the not so distant past when I had so much coming at me (from all directions) that I spent a good amount of time either crying, swearing, sweating, or shaking and just trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Tough times. It was like a bomb went off. Seriously.

Looking forward into 2016, I am positive it will be much less disruptive than years previous, which is excellent.

FYI, this is pretty much the kind of stuff I tell my dogs. This is how our conversations go, Kita-girl and Mr. T are my true confidants. But seeing as neither of them are here right now and these thoughts need to go somewhere with impact and I can type way faster and easier than I can write, the blog will have to do.

So, in summary: Today was good. Lots to do tomorrow. I want my stuff back. I have a training (or learning) dilemma. I feel positive about the future, despite the past being rather traumatic. I miss my dogs.

The End 🙂