An Experiment

So, this is random. But I’ve decided I will endeavor to post one good post a day for the month of January. Maybe it will be about my day, or just what’s running through my head or important or interesting to me at the time. I love to write. So I’m going to do it more!

So here goes.

Last night I stayed up late. I had all sorts of plans. But I ended up just watching a lot of Bondi Vet, finding some decent dog training vids and resources and writing the post about the New Year.

Bondi Vet was fun. The dog training vid hunt made me a little anxious — some people really have no idea what they are doing and it’s a little scary to think of them having a potentially worldwide audience. And the New Year’s post was great; nice to have a spot to record some of the ups, as well as the downs, of the past weeks.

I slept like the dead and woke up refreshed at 930am. I got organized. And headed out the door to Grandma’s for lunch.

I ended up missing the bus I had been aiming for, and walking most of the way, which was fine. It was freezing, but fun to go flying down the sidewalk, a good half-hour at full tilt. It felt great.

And once I got to Grandma’s I just felt so welcome and comfortable and warm, which was really nice. Soup was delicious, grill cheese was amazing and polished off with a Revel bar and easy conversation it was a great visit.

I headed back down to the bus, practiced some Irish drinking songs, grabbed a pizza, chatted at the bus stop, got home and put ‘er in the oven!

It’s been a good day. Lots to do tomorrow!





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