The Turning of the Year

‘Tidings of Great Joy’– Moments from Christmas 2015:

Talking to Mr. T. and being able to see his eyeballs 🙂 Watching movies with a dog on my feet. Knowing he missed me as much as I missed him.

Playing in the snow with Forrest, Rube, PJ and Mr. T. Snow angels and snowball fights up the mountain.

Seeing Forrest and Twinkie play together. Both soft-spoken guys who never fail to make me laugh.

Soup and hot chocolate with Dad.

Giving Mr. T. love, and a bath.

In the kitchen with Mom and Rube, testing shortbread and talking about life.

That dinner conversation about putting up lights, and curling. Died laughing.

Playing music with Dad. And Forrest. And Rube. In the living room, on Christmas eve, with the tree and the fire and Mom and Mr. T. There are no words…

Playing scrabble with friends and family. “Moo” is a sound a cow makes 😀

Visiting with Mom and Dad on the 19th. High on life and feeling beautiful.

Coming back to Sami Central, binge watching TV, (actually) sleeping in, eating homemade granola and hot naan bread. Bliss.

Fire on the beach at New Years. The one time of year you can spend 20 minutes straight staring into the distance, the flames or the heavens and not feel a bit ridiculous. Surrounded by the crash of the waves, a magnificent sky alight with stars, and the flicker and pop of a cheerful blaze. Amazing on so many levels.