Jan 31

If you're just reading this, thanks for stopping by! This is the concluding post in a month-long experiment of mine to try to post one post a day for the month of January. I'm happy to report that was absent only 3 days, and I'd say that the experiment has been a success! And that the... Continue Reading →


My routine is…

Peanut butter! It really does save the day, as does music and writing and reading. Happy Sunday, so far 🙂

Wacky Cake

It's been a crazy week, and the crazy just keeps coming. I had tofu dessert and peanut butter toast for breakfast, went to Grandma's for a belated birthday lunch, and then to dance (which was a little slow today, but at least it was warm!). Everyone was like, "Is this ok? Can you do this? Can... Continue Reading →

Nope. Nada. Zip.

Nothing of great interest to write about today. I watched the latest Shadow Hunters episode on Netflix last night, just because I wanted to watch something, but it wasn't the greatest. I think I prefer Bondi Vet. I will say I was more than a little offended when halfway through last season's Bondi Vet, the "new" episodes... Continue Reading →


The heart stops and the blood rises and fire burns. The ground shifts and sighs and murmurs. Movement is exaggerated and the wind sings in the trees. I take my weight and power forward with a chink and thump and look up. The fleece brushes my nose and my teeth bite down on a smile... Continue Reading →

Piecemeal Postings (3)

Discussions: I miss having discussions, debates, intelligent exchanges that go somewhere. I miss being a part of the discussion and having a solid chunk of time to say, "Let's talk about this!" Start it, focus on it, work through it, end it. Ta-da! 😀

Big and Small (2)

A Retelling of Yesterday into Today (AKA: Thoughts Loosed) I dream, I wonder, I find and see possibilities everywhere. Sometimes the big stuff is small, and sometimes the small stuff is HUGE! The picture attached to Big and Small (1), the post before this one, captures this idea, and my thoughts and experiences over the past two days... Continue Reading →

Big and Small (1)

I really want to read today. And play some fiddle. And drink tea. And have a nap-- naps are under-appreciated. I have some tidying to do and some gritty emails and details to attend to.... *** Personally, I feel I got lots done today. It was a long day, good day, quiet day. I puttered... Continue Reading →

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