How to induce cardiac arrest:

It got sorted, eventually!


Me: Hello, I just wanted to confirm my exam time.

Reception: Are you sure it’s not today?

Me: It’s tomorrow. I just want to confirm when I’m scheduled to start.

Reception: What’s your name please?

Me: Samantha.

Reception: Hmmm… Ummm…. Well… I don’t see it here…. Do you know when it starts?

Me: No. That’s why I’m calling. I believe it is in the afternoon.

Reception: Hmmm… Ok… Right, that’s why you’re calling… Can I put you on hold?

Me: Yes.

Reception: Can I have your name again, please?

Me: Samantha Riesco

Reception: … R…I…?

Me: R. I. E. S. C. O.

Reception: R. I. E. S. C. O?

Me: Yes, that’s correct.

Reception: Alright, just a moment.


Reception: Hi, Samantha?

Me: Hello.

Reception: […] You’re scheduled to write tomorrow from 1:30-6:00.

Me: Great. Thank you.


The Rise Against lyrics that kept running through my head for the duration of the call: “This is not a test, oh no / This is cardiac arrest!” (Collapse).

Very fitting, considering my blood pressure and the fact that the upcoming test is on Environmental Science, don’t cha think? đŸ˜€


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