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When the organic, fair trade, dark chocolate is cheaper than the other stuff… Score!

I’m sitting in the kitchen, in my pajamas with my headphones on, listening to some pretty sweet tunes, eating chocolate and bananas and thinking. And typing, obviously…

I’ve decided I love the world-wide web. Which is not the same thing as the internet, FYI 😛

I love having access to information and the linkages that make it so easy to discover and explore; you can look up histories, words, people, quotes, videos, music, books.

I like the mosaic that is created when logic and creativity come together, when personal and professional can each have their turn, when information can be shared and connections made with such ease.

I took a class: Computer Science 101, it was fascinating.

I love being able to apply knowledge and make it fun and share it with other people. It is such an enriching experience.

Whether it’s a random fact, like that there is a type of seaweed that is better for you than kale, and when cooked tastes like bacon; or something with far-reaching consequences such as the perpetuation of the “Alpha Myth” in dog-training; or designing a basic spreadsheet; or learning a piece by ear; or being able to quote word for word parts of my favourite books and movies; or understanding the science of climate change and appreciating shared connections between people and living systems, I live to learn, and am inspired to share it (knowledge) it with others.


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