Decompress (2)

Dessert first:

When the organic, fair trade, dark chocolate is cheaper than the other stuff… Score!

I’m sitting in the kitchen, in my pajamas with my headphones on, listening to some pretty sweet tunes, eating chocolate and bananas and thinking. And typing, obviously.

It’s been good:

Forrest did some maintenance on my Stix which just makes me feel so, so happy physically and psychologically. It’s been trial and error for the past little while with some changes that just haven’t really gelled. But, so far, so good!

I got a super study session in with my fellow classmate, Megan, complete with chocolate milk, Timbits and 3 whiteboards full of info over 6 hours of pushing each other to recall and relate the material from class.

Work is still amazing.

Mental Health is on my radar big time, and it’s really paying off.

Reading for fun is a joy. Family time is great. And the soundtrack for my life is pretty awesome.

The power went out. A substation exploded. And I spent the time unplugged playing fiddle and reviewing notes. And watching the cops direct traffic. And wishing for a cup of tea.

I just love it when people are present and they get it, myself included. Those are golden moments.