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No offense…

My head, my head!

I’m exhausted. Ten more days until school ends, and I’m determined to make it, but it will be a challenge. I’m writing and reviewing and trying to remember to eat and sleep.

Please don’t be offended if you can’t reach me. Ten days and I’m all yours.


Up the Ante

If things are starting to weigh on you now, just wait to see what’s in store for you this week.                                             –The Capilano Courier

I love the campus newspaper 🙂 The horoscopes always make me laugh and the rest is filled with good info and content and writings relevant to student life. This week’s instalment proved to be both hilarious and accurate.

This post is pretty much a continuation of the ‘Decompression’ posts, but without much decompressing. I’ve ants in my pants; I’m very jumpy, and trying desperately to focus for the last 2 weeks of school.

I don’t know if this is sci-fi still or not, but having a device that takes all your thoughts from your head and translates them directly onto the page would be so freaking cool; my skull is a little crowded at the moment.

I’m anticipating a visit with friends tomorrow. We will see how that goes –hopefully well, LOL. I managed to psych myself up and then psych myself right out again because well,  (1) I’ve a lot on my mind, (2) I would be thrilled to visit, but (3) also have been on the receiving end of more than my share of last minute cancellations. It’s been a long, apprehensive week. Hopefully it ends in my favour.

I have to write an article on some other articles ASAP, for Monday. First, I must rest and recharge, though. Got to change the pattern, ’cause in my current state, I’m not likely to get very far in the homework department.

Photo: Chaos (Pixabay; public domain)


Centre of all things

I’m still congratulating myself on taking the small but not inconsequential step of moving my kitchen table into my kitchen. It’s just perfect!

The main reason for my doing this? Boys. My brother, Forrest and my friend, Marc. Each of them came for dinner on separate occasions during the summer, and the day being rather chaotic, we didn’t end up eating until after 10 pm– TEN PM!

Even in summer it starts to get dark around this time. I have two ceiling lights in my house, one’s in the bathroom and the other is in the kitchen.

“Do you usually eat in the dark?” the boys each asked. Well, no, genius… granted, the interior’s changed slightly –and I do sometimes eat late, but no. Believe it or not, I do appreciate being able to see my food.

The lamp just wasn’t cutting it. And with winter coming, well, eating in the dark would be an inevitability, if I didn’t do something.

‘Well, move the table to the kitchen so you can see and it can achieve it’s main purpose in life, idiot!’ you’re thinking. And you would be right, this would be the obvious solution. Only thing is, my place is small, and my kitchen is smaller. Granted, it’s also a very small table, but I didn’t know if it would fit or if I could make it work.

The boys departed.

So, next day, I tried it. I turned on the tunes. I made a mess —cough, meal. I danced around the kitchen, waving knives and scrubbing veggies. And it worked. It wouldn’t if I was 300 pounds. Hobbit-sized living is kind of my thing.

It’s lovely. It has become the centre of all things.

Sunday Stir-fried

This quote is one of my favourites…

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.                                                            — Leonardo Da Vinci


My brain is on overdrive, atm.

I feel like I haven’t been able to relax in the past 48 hours… Brushing my hair and washing dishes helps. Now on to laundry and other prep stuff…

I had an impromptu stirfry for lunch, which was dee-lish 🙂  I’m so stoked for spaghetti for dinner tonight, and maybe playing some tunes on my fiddle…

Dinner was excellent. Played some tunes, had way too much fun. Now busy trying to convince myself to go read my Geography textbook…

Watching/Listening to Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas on Fire and Grace/Youtube. So cool just to see/hear fiddle and cello played with such joy and skill…. These two are amazing. Seriously…

My mind is anywhere but on actually doing homework… Sorry, I have to go read Geography and put a stopper in this stream of consciousness washing around my crazy head for the moment…

Decompress (3)


When the organic, fair trade, dark chocolate is cheaper than the other stuff… Score!

I’m sitting in the kitchen, in my pajamas with my headphones on, listening to some pretty sweet tunes, eating chocolate and bananas and thinking. And typing, obviously…

I’ve decided I love the world-wide web. Which is not the same thing as the internet, FYI 😛

I love having access to information and the linkages that make it so easy to discover and explore; you can look up histories, words, people, quotes, videos, music, books.

I like the mosaic that is created when logic and creativity come together, when personal and professional can each have their turn, when information can be shared and connections made with such ease.

I took a class: Computer Science 101, it was fascinating.

I love being able to apply knowledge and make it fun and share it with other people. It is such an enriching experience.

Whether it’s a random fact, like that there is a type of seaweed that is better for you than kale, and when cooked tastes like bacon; or something with far-reaching consequences such as the perpetuation of the “Alpha Myth” in dog-training; or designing a basic spreadsheet; or learning a piece by ear; or being able to quote word for word parts of my favourite books and movies; or understanding the science of climate change and appreciating shared connections between people and living systems, I live to learn, and am inspired to share it (knowledge) it with others.

Decompress (2)

Dessert first:

When the organic, fair trade, dark chocolate is cheaper than the other stuff… Score!

I’m sitting in the kitchen, in my pajamas with my headphones on, listening to some pretty sweet tunes, eating chocolate and bananas and thinking. And typing, obviously.

It’s been good:

Forrest did some maintenance on my Stix which just makes me feel so, so happy physically and psychologically. It’s been trial and error for the past little while with some changes that just haven’t really gelled. But, so far, so good!

I got a super study session in with my fellow classmate, Megan, complete with chocolate milk, Timbits and 3 whiteboards full of info over 6 hours of pushing each other to recall and relate the material from class.

Work is still amazing.

Mental Health is on my radar big time, and it’s really paying off.

Reading for fun is a joy. Family time is great. And the soundtrack for my life is pretty awesome.

The power went out. A substation exploded. And I spent the time unplugged playing fiddle and reviewing notes. And watching the cops direct traffic. And wishing for a cup of tea.

I just love it when people are present and they get it, myself included. Those are golden moments.

Decompress (1)

Feeling comfy-cozy today and just gonna write whatever the day brings. So stay tuned. Or not. But I will be here, writing 🙂

I am overjoyed it is Saturday, and it’s sunny and crisp. I’m parched, my hands are like sandpaper and I am so thirsty. My Stix seem to be keeping it together, so that’s excellent news.

Apparently my stats page tells me that my most popular posting time is currently 2pm on Saturdays, which right now suits me just fine.

I’m going to get some tea and soak up some of the sun pouring in my windows and go from there.

Later, alligators.


Small Victories

Mid-November 2015…

  • sleeping in
  • falling down in the mud with blood and having a bandaid to patch up with
  • studying my ass off all day with friends and Timbits
  • having my sis over for tea in a delightfully spontaneous and fun turn of events
  • popcorn
  • an entirely clean wardrobe
  • hot showers
  • parents who love you and make you laugh
  • peanut butter
  • soup and comfort food for cold, grey, rainy days

The Sammy Shuffle: part 16

Being Me

Part 1: Intro

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

I’ve always considered my disability to be kind of on the middle-ground, between severe and mild. I could have a lot more challenges, I could also have a lot less.

My disability, my body, and the ways in which it operates has had a significant impact on my life and on my experience as a human being. I’ve had surgeries, therapies, leg-braces, adaptive devices and accommodations. I am visibly different. And some things other people take for granted are bloody difficult for me to do, if not impossible– take for example, writing a standard test within the standard time, transporting liquids, ice skating, carrying laundry, or taking the stairs.

And yet I have a degree of flexibility in most situations. If the elevator is broken, I can take the stairs. If I want to initiate a bit of self-directed PT, I can get down on the floor (and back up) and stretch those hamstrings or make the conscious decision to stand tall and put one foot in front of the other, as opposed to “crutching it”.

This is how I see myself, my world; as a person on middle ground with a unique perspective, appreciation for innovation, adaptation and acceptance. My disability is a part of me, and I don’t think that fact or the differences in experience that it implies should be discounted.

I’ve known people who say I’m not disabled at all, not disabled enough and too disabled.

Often, people are impressed with my ability to function at a “normal” level so much that they tell me they don’t think of me as disabled. And yet sometimes I will be asked, for example, to down-play the number of stairs I’m capable of traversing, so that the powers that be may deem me disabled enough to warrant accommodation. When accommodations are made, sometimes it’s only a grudging, half-assed attempt, resulting in the amplification of my level of difference and difficulty, and validation of their perception that I’m just too disabled and can’t be expected to participate.

And this really, really irritates me. I don’t want to assimilate into the able-bodied world to the point that people feel they can choose to see past –or just not see– my disability, discounting both my reality and my experience as an individual. Nor do I want to have any part of that reality seen or represented in a overly positive or negative light. I am who I am. My disability is what it is. Respect my identity as a unique individual, please.

Here it is!

Monday Appreciations:

Winter is here (unofficially). And I’m celebrating by drinking tea, watching the sunset, finding some snacks, watching a movie and maybe reading about Environmental Science, or Sasquatch and First Nations of BC, later. It’s four-thirty FYI. It’s so nice to be warm and dry, see the sun and be wearing stretchy pants 🙂