Behind the Scenes:

I feel compelled to write something today, though I’m not up for much else. Sleeping and eating and staying warm at home are  top of my list, conversation and homework and housework are at the bottom.

My Stix need to be looked at and my shoulders are really hurting, which is rather alarming, because I depend on them more than most people and when it hurts to move, well, that sucks.

Midterms are finally done.

I enjoy learning new things, but I will be so glad when this term is over and I get that credential and can just wipe school completely from my radar until such a time as I find I genuinely want to go back.

Right now I just need a Me Day — a whole day for myself and the things I want to get done without anyone’s interference. The weekend can’t come fast enough. But to tide me over ’til then, I’ve got a warm bed, good food, tea and the second half of Despicable Me.

Thank goodness! 🙂


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