Cats, buses and kindness

“Be kinder than necessary, because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

I’m a minimalist and I like to keep and use only that which I deem necessary and effective for the situation. I hardly ever carry cash or change. But today was different –I had change.

A man at the bus loop needed change for a dollar, to use the public pay phone. I heard him asking, “Please, anyone?” and thought: I do! I have change! I can help!

We swapped four quarters for a loonie. “Thank you so much. Really. I really appreciate it. I’ve been asking people, and Jesus, it’s like I’m trying to take their cat.” he said. It was an unorthodox, yet accurate turn of phrase that made us both smile.

*I don’t quote often, but this one, credited to TH Thompson & John Watson, really resonates with me and is one of my favorites. Be kind 🙂

Good night, friends!