Downs and Ups (3)

Riding the bus at night:

“Oh, look! A bus! Damn, it doesn’t stop here. We were supposed to wait over there. I wonder if he’ll stop…” Rube waves her arms hopefully, to no avail. I laugh.

“Here comes another one.” The two of us stand like statues on the side of the road as we get passed by yet again. I’m shaking with mirth.

“Well, I guess we should go wait at the other stop. Come on, Sam!”

“Oh, look! A bus!” I say, and my sister giggles as we make our way up the sidewalk.


“So, there’s an HKIN house-party happening in North Van,” Rube informs me.

I nod knowingly, “Mmhmm, it’s at my place,” I say, with a straight face. She looks at me and laughs– my hobbit-sized suite would be hard pressed to host a party of 10, let alone one of several hundred.


“I am so hungry!”

“You want a granola bar? I have one. Actually, I have 10 and a cucumber and a green onion.”

She looks at me. “Well, there’s no harm in being prepared…”

“Rube, I went shopping! The bars were on sale, so I bought 2 boxes, ’cause they’re good to have for days like today,”

“Oh, ok then. Yeah, I’ll have one. Do you want one?”

“Yes, please.” She turns to ruffle through my backpack.

“And the cucumber was a good price,” I say, continuing,  “and I needed a green onion, so I bought one. Just one.” My lips twitch.

“Wait, what? You bought just one?” I giggle helplessly.

“Well, I was gonna say, like, that would last a while,” Rube says sarcastically, before breaking into a laugh.


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