Downs and Ups (1)

I’ve been stumbling around for the past few days, literally, and when I’ve had a desperate desire to just get up and run.

It wasn’t awful, I survived. And yet, none of it was smooth, none of it felt right.

It started on Wednesday afternoon. Taking notes for an hour and a half, I just couldn’t keep up for the last half-hour of class. I was starving. I had the bright idea of going home, dumping my crap on the sofa, snagging lunch, heading out to restock my pantry, pick up the mail, go to the bank, come back, make dinner, eat dinner and catch the bus back to campus for a movie with friends… yeah, right!

I forgot about the Collective meeting, being held from 12-1. I wouldn’t get home ’til just after 3. I got organized and fed, just after 4. And just don’t even ask me what happened to the rest. By some miracle, I managed to land in my seat at the theatre at 7:01, just in time for the lights to dim.

The film was called Manufactured Landscapes. It was so stark and depressing– and a little too artsy and devoid of commentary, in my opinion to have lived up to its 90 minute run time, and my expectations.

Returning home, I collapsed gratefully into bed. I had time for a decent sleep, but no breakfast, as time moved relentlessly on the next morning. I’d arranged to vote early with a friend and was looking forward to getting my Thursday started.


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