Behind the Scenes:

I feel compelled to write something today, though I'm not up for much else. Sleeping and eating and staying warm at home are  top of my list, conversation and homework and housework are at the bottom. My Stix need to be looked at and my shoulders are really hurting, which is rather alarming, because I... Continue Reading →


Cats, buses and kindness

"Be kinder than necessary, because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." I'm a minimalist and I like to keep and use only that which I deem necessary and effective for the situation. I hardly ever carry cash or change. But today was different --I had change. A man at the bus loop needed... Continue Reading →

By My Lonesome

That odd feeling of being terribly lonely and terribly happy at the same time; headphones on, in jeans and a t-shirt on a Saturday, listening to and singing along with The Wailin' Jennys -- Glory Bound, Longtime Traveller, The Parting Glass and One Voice -- with the sun streaming in the window and air full... Continue Reading →

Ouch! (1)

My head hurts. My heart hurts. My back hurts. My innards feel like they've been knifed, ripped out and returned. And my finger hurts. It really hurts. I could explain all of this now, but I won't. About the finger, best guess is that I've made and aggravated said injury (I propose a small... Continue Reading →

Good to see you!

I spent the day with Andrea on Wednesday. It was awesome. I got mugged by Tessa the dog, with lots of doggy kisses and butt wiggles. Lunch at the Botanical Gardens was amazing, with fresh picked lettuce, egg sandwiches, and Grandma Amanda's birthday cake. We literally ate our way up and down the Coast. It was so nice to just... Continue Reading →

I am, You are

I am not you, You are not me. Acknowledge this, And sameness, and difference. LEARN From each other. LISTEN To one another. Don't trivialize, immortalize or simplify. Complexity, meaning, passion is lost in bursts. Understand fluidity, context and sincerity. Grow, and support the growing. And know, That I am not you. And you are not... Continue Reading →

In brief:

Hey there, Saturday was a success, in case you were wondering. Everything got done and dinner was delicious. Good night, friends 🙂

Downs and Ups (5)

Saturday: Saturday is going well. I had breakfast with Forrest, DBB and read my book, put some new content together for this blog, talked to Grandma. I need to do laundry. And get groceries. I should do some homework. And I want to just relax and listen to some tunes and travel back to the... Continue Reading →

Downs and Ups (4)

Friday: Friday was wonderful. Work was fun, and I got a lot done. I owned that reception area 🙂 I don't know what the world's obsession with having about 100 of the world's crappiest pens providing needless clutter to what is supposed to be functional workspace is all about-- but for my desk at home,... Continue Reading →

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