On weekends…

I really needed this summer, and I really benefited from it. It was amazing, truly. And I’m thrilled it’s now fall.

Everything is just moving along great –nothing earth-shattering; events have been varied but balanced, and incredibly satisfying, like a chef’s salad 🙂  And… I’m so happy it’s the weekend!

Honestly, I’m just always happy for weekends. Weekends for me are those days when you can relax and enjoy yourself, or really knuckle down and work on a project –anything goes on a weekend.

Maybe I’m just being silly, but during the week, I feel like everyone expects everyone else to be working their butts off earning a respectable paycheque, to be gainfully employed offering society something of value. What the definition of respectable and valuable is in this context, of course differs from person to person.

And yet, this perceived expectation of usefulness seems to lift once we reach Saturday… We are free to do our respective ‘things’, whatever they might be, and that is cause for celebration, is it not? 🙂


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