Kitchen Party

Grandma had a party to finish the summer. It happened on a tumultuous Saturday where Southwest BC saw the worst storm in a decade, with winds climbing over 80 kilometres an hour, power out across the region, murderously dark rain clouds, and of course, sheet after sheet of water falling from the heavens.

The phone call came the day before… Bada bada, bada bada, bada bada ba — it’s the world’s most annoying sound, for a reason. I don’t have a lot extra to spend on random phone calls to my cell, so to discourage myself from picking it up on the off-chance anyone actually calls, I’ve chosen what is, in my opinion, the worst possible combination of notes ever to be deemed ringtone-worthy. The tactic works fantastically well, usually.

‘Grandma Shirley’ flashes on the screen and the assault on my ears begins. AAAHHHH! I can’t take it anymore! I answer the phone: “Hello…” I say, in my best happy-voice.

“Well, hello you!” laughs Grandma, “I was just about to hang up. Anyways, I just talked to your father and he said Ruby’s coming and they’ll be here tomorrow, and can you please bring your fiddle? Ruby’s bringing hers and your cousin Gord’s bringing his guitar and Dad can play one of Grandpa’s.”

“Yes, ok. For sure. Absolutely.”

“Oh, fantastic! It would just make it so special.”

Tomorrow comes– Apocalypse would be more appropriate considering the conditions outside– but hey, it’s time to party.

I text the fam. They’re on the ferry. Did you bring your fiddle, Rube?

Well, yeah. But IDK about Grandma’s…

Oh, for crying out loud! Bring your fiddle. I’m bringing mine.

What is it that makes this so difficult? We can all play. We can all play well. It’s just for fun, so the fact that we haven’t rehearsed anything is not a huge deal, and we have literally hundreds of tunes to choose from once we give our heads a shake and remember the first few notes.

And I will not be the only one to come out of the rain with a fiddle on my back, as I was given to understand it was all tickety-boo –everyone would bring an instrument, everyone would play… And it will be fun! Bring your fiddle!

And it was fun. Though, I could have played a lot longer. You can’t really call it a kitchen party with only the French Set, Innisher, Orange Blossom, Jig Set, Growling Old Man and Tamlin and one other. It would have been nice to relax into it a bit more, you know what I’m saying?

It was great though. I got some really good hugs, had some good laughs, some shortbread and eggnog…meatballs, buns, salad… and bid summer a fond farewell.


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