Thinking aloud

For me, it’s the little things that matter most…hugs and laughter and movies on the couch, tea, making learning fun, the rain, the sun, the smell of the forest, cinnamon-raisin bagels and impromptu visits with friends.

I am doing what I love, learning, preparing, having something to work towards. I’m growing towards the realization that I am my own person, that I can survive and thrive in the world and it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks. As long as I work hard, am happy and not engaged in any illegal or harmful activities, I’ll probably do just fine!

Today, I’m comfortably messy. And I’m finally warm with a heart-rate that is actually resting. I woke up yesterday, September 1st, freezing. I piled on the extra layers, socks, slippers and winter jammies and stayed cozy in bed for another 60 minutes, watching the water cascade down the window and listening to the wind howl. This morning was the same minus the icicles and plus my laptop 🙂

Summer started for me months ago. It was bone-dry. Literally roasting, with water restrictions and weather warnings and forest fires, oodles of pumpkins and fruit, and wicked fevers as body and Earth gave its best shot at adjusting to an unaccustomed four-month stint of unabating sunshine and heat. Now, in the space of a week, it appears we’ve done a complete 180. Rainfall, flood and wind warnings are in effect, water restrictions have lifted, and the temperature has dropped dramatically.

I’m going to miss this summer. It’s been really great, finding that near-perfect combination of work and play, not having to worry about deadlines or homework, being able visit, sleep in, read for fun… It’s been great.

At the same time, school starts in a week, and I’m pretty excited! I will be completing my goal of graduating with an Associate of Arts degree by the end of this December. I have a house and a job that I love, and a sister that I may actually get to have some fun with in the city– I hope!

I feel confident that I can achieve what I want, that I have value and that my choices are good ones. I would like finish school (for now) on my own terms and have some fun putting Sami Central together just the way I like it.

In 2016, I would like to work full-time, and actively pursue training for my personal and professional development in first aid, mental health and dog-behaviour. And I want to hop a plane and go away for a while to see my brother race (



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