So far, so good

I had a toasted cinnamon-raisin bagel with peanut butter and a banana for breakfast (so, so, so, so good!). And I stayed in bed and wrote some stuff for this blog– and the only reason I’ve stopped is because I’m starving.

Here comes beans on toast with cucumber salad for my mid-day meal– because, well, it’s yummy and it’s the only choice I’ve got, and I need to go grocery shopping… Oh, and I need to do some serious paperwork and organizing of odds and ends.

But that can all happen in good time (being today, tomorrow, or the one after that). I could die right now today with no regrets other than not having had my beans on toast. Grocery shopping, paperwork and odds and ends are not worth troubling over in the bigger picture, and certainly not right this instant. Because right this instant, I’m starving.

It’s just a rambling sort of day at the tail-end of summer, and what happens, happens 🙂 More later.


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