I’m so happy it’s the weekend!

I came home after work on Friday to crash on the couch with some rosemary flatbread and truffle hummus from the Persian market down the street — to die for. I munched and I dozed. I got some PJs and some Harry Potter and improvised on dinner. It was just perfect.

I woke up 10 hours later, rested and relaxed. I stayed in bed and read my book for an hour and a half of superb escapism with the breeze blowing softly, and the sun shining warmly through the window. With the sky a brilliant blue and morning traffic at a muted and regular rhythm as opposed to the usual and sometimes angry roar, it was pure bliss.

I took a morning jaunt down Lonsdale, ending with a celebratory solo brunch date at Tim’s with a mouth-watering bagel belt and decaf coffee. So far as I can tell, this may be the key to my coffee salvation!

My previous encounters with this particular caffeinated beverage — in hindsight — have always seemed to start with high stress, sleepless nights and dehydration, ending with dizziness, buzzing, a splitting headache and extreme irritability. Not fun. Really, not fun. But here I am now, well rested, relaxed and hydrated, 1.5 hours post-coffee with no negative side-effects in sight. It could be that decaf is the reason, or perhaps just general good health.

Anyways, I’m thrilled to be happy and healthy on this beautiful — but not blistering, weekend. I’ve the whole thing to myself and plenty to keep me busy, and that’s awesome; no interruptions, please! 🙂


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