Wednesday Morning

I should eat. And then I should go.

I have been saying this to myself since 6:30am this morning. But all I want to do right now, is curl up on the couch and write.

I should eat, though. And then I should go.

It is the perfect day for an oatmeal breakfast. Dark green and grey dominate the view outside, as the rain falls steadily earthward to quench the thirst of drought.

Banana porridge it will be.

Bananas, bananas. Go, go bananas! from the Banana Song has been running through my head for a full 2 days since I came home to a bunch of the rapidly ripening fruit on my counter after spending some time away.

So, in an effort to end my mental agony and up my potassium, I will bid you all a good morning and go start my day.

Later, alligators 🙂