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Having way too much fun on my own today 😀

Rocking tunes, thrilling novels, squeaky clean residence, beautiful weather, having fun accomplishing the little things that make life great.


Watermelon pieces


I’m so happy it’s the weekend!

I came home after work on Friday to crash on the couch with some rosemary flatbread and truffle hummus from the Persian market down the street — to die for. I munched and I dozed. I got some PJs and some Harry Potter and improvised on dinner. It was just perfect.

I woke up 10 hours later, rested and relaxed. I stayed in bed and read my book for an hour and a half of superb escapism with the breeze blowing softly, and the sun shining warmly through the window. With the sky a brilliant blue and morning traffic at a muted and regular rhythm as opposed to the usual and sometimes angry roar, it was pure bliss.

I took a morning jaunt down Lonsdale, ending with a celebratory solo brunch date at Tim’s with a mouth-watering bagel belt and decaf coffee. So far as I can tell, this may be the key to my coffee salvation!

My previous encounters with this particular caffeinated beverage — in hindsight — have always seemed to start with high stress, sleepless nights and dehydration, ending with dizziness, buzzing, a splitting headache and extreme irritability. Not fun. Really, not fun. But here I am now, well rested, relaxed and hydrated, 1.5 hours post-coffee with no negative side-effects in sight. It could be that decaf is the reason, or perhaps just general good health.

Anyways, I’m thrilled to be happy and healthy on this beautiful — but not blistering, weekend. I’ve the whole thing to myself and plenty to keep me busy, and that’s awesome; no interruptions, please! 🙂

Out there

I’ve spent today opposite everyone else. Or at least that’s the closest I can get to describing the day’s state of affairs.

I’m here. Everybody is there. They say it’s easy. I say it’s hard. I’m in the slow lane. They move full speed ahead.

I can’t say it’s been good, but I can’t say it’s been bad, either. It’s just been one of those weird days.


Grandma’s House

I like going to Grandma’s house– Grandma herself is not too bad either!

But seriously, I do.  It’s nice to be able to stop by unannounced for a visit, to stay for a dinner I wouldn’t get at home, to have someone ask about my day and be genuinely interested in what I have to say. I probably say more in a visit to Grandma’s than I do in an entire week otherwise!

It’s nice to have a good old face-to face-in-the-same-room conversation, with someone other than a complete stranger, and to whom my life is not a complete mystery. It’s nice to have that comfortable sense of give and take.

It’s nice to take the pressure off, to not feel like I need to prove or defend anything, or come up with something revolutionary and inspiring to say. It’s nice to be able to sit in the kitchen and chat over a classic plate of eggs and bacon, or in companionable silence in the backyard sun, to swim and laugh in the pool, or watch Disney movies, documentaries or “Coordination Street” on the couch.

I get to be a kid again and have some fun. I get to feel helpful rescuing the pickles from the back of the fridge, doing the dishes or filing bits and pieces of mail. I get to feel loved and appreciated, to give and receive hugs and also, to eat a delicious amount of ice-cream and not feel guilty in the slightest!

Thanks Grandma! Love you 🙂

Scrabble (1)


A most terrible case of the Mondays

Help! Hugs! Love!

It’s Monday morning, and it’s a doozie… I’m not feelin’ so hot. I have an uninspiring, tragically necessary ‘to do’ list.

And, if someone were to walk through my door right now and say:

“Sami, Sami, today, it’s all about you, love. Nothing else matters. Let’s do some shopping, eat some lunch, find a good one on Netflix, and catch up on all the latest…”

Well, that would be AMAZING.

But, as of now, I’m on my own. And it’s up to me to find a way to get stuff done. And have some fun, too. I’m just having a wee bit of trouble getting started.

Help self, hug self, love self. Go! 🙂

The Sammy Shuffle: part 13

What are the odds?

The odds of meeting a handsome young stranger who also has CP: 1 in 100
The odds of meeting an ignorant who will ask you to give up your seat: 5 in 10

Fun time riding the bus this evening!

Had a good chat with handsome young stranger who just happened to also have CP 😀 Haha! What are the odds? (see above).

“I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but do you have cerebral palsy?”


“It was an educated guess. I have cerebral palsy, too, believe it or not.”

GASP. No! Really??!! Kidding. Though, it really is nice to meet people who you can relate to once in a while 🙂

We’re both sitting at the front of the (packed) bus, when this “elderly” lady barges into our space and asks us to move and let her take a seat.

The two of us are pretty damn obvious!

I have crutches and a backpack and am at the end of a very long day. He has a cast on his foot the size of a small car. Both of us need and deserve a rest and a seat!

I stay put and stand my ground. “No, we can’t. I have crutches and he has a cast.”

The lady is oblivious. I try again. No response, other than “I’d like to sit there, please move.”

Turns out she had earbuds cranked and didn’t hear a thing either of us said.
I was so tired, I didn’t notice- otherwise I would have kept trying.

But, being a true gentleman, after trying and failing to get through to the woman, my new friend hobbles to his feet and offers his seat to her.

Are you blind, woman?! Because maybe then your claim to this seat would be legit.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t respect our elders, or give a seat to a person in need, but this woman didn’t outwardly seem to fit into any category other than “ignorant.”

She sits down in a huff, removes her earbuds and turns to find me giving her a hairy stare.

My friend smiles down good-naturedly, standing in front of me, gripping the overhead bar and balancing precariously on one foot as the bus begins to move. “What happened to your foot?” I ask him, my voice pitched slightly louder than strictly necessary.

The woman beside me straightens in surprise, and turns with a look of shock to feast her eyes upon my crutches and his casted foot for the very first time.

It happens ALL THE TIME! People turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to anyone and anything that stands in the way of them taking a seat they believe they have more right to than anyone already occupying it, until you bang them over the head with the obvious (and still, I’ve been sat on– twice!).

“I’m sorry. I had my earbuds in, I didn’t hear anything either of you were saying to me before. I’m sorry. Here, take a seat.” She gets up and elbows her way to the back of the bus to get off at the next stop- less than 5 minutes after commandeering my friend’s seat.

We talked all the way to the top of Lonsdale, swapping surgery stories and sharing our plans for the weekend. It was a great way to end the day.

Nice talking to you! 🙂

Wednesday Morning

I should eat. And then I should go.

I have been saying this to myself since 6:30am this morning. But all I want to do right now, is curl up on the couch and write.

I should eat, though. And then I should go.

It is the perfect day for an oatmeal breakfast. Dark green and grey dominate the view outside, as the rain falls steadily earthward to quench the thirst of drought.

Banana porridge it will be.

Bananas, bananas. Go, go bananas! from the Banana Song has been running through my head for a full 2 days since I came home to a bunch of the rapidly ripening fruit on my counter after spending some time away.

So, in an effort to end my mental agony and up my potassium, I will bid you all a good morning and go start my day.

Later, alligators 🙂