Having way too much fun on my own today 😀 Rocking tunes, thrilling novels, squeaky clean residence, beautiful weather, having fun accomplishing the little things that make life great. -Sam



I'm so happy it's the weekend! I came home after work on Friday to crash on the couch with some rosemary flatbread and truffle hummus from the Persian market down the street -- to die for. I munched and I dozed. I got some PJs and some Harry Potter and improvised on dinner. It was... Continue Reading →

Out there

I've spent today opposite everyone else. Or at least that's the closest I can get to describing the day's state of affairs. I'm here. Everybody is there. They say it's easy. I say it's hard. I'm in the slow lane. They move full speed ahead. I can't say it's been good, but I can't say... Continue Reading →

Grandma’s House

I like going to Grandma's house-- Grandma herself is not too bad either! But seriously, I do.  It's nice to be able to stop by unannounced for a visit, to stay for a dinner I wouldn't get at home, to have someone ask about my day and be genuinely interested in what I have to... Continue Reading →

Scrabble (1)

Hot Black Sexy Shirt Funny What? Haircut Amazing Friends Family Grandma Coworkers Nonsense Beans Maze Clothes Swim Yes Fiddle Alnight Music Always Also Water Green Dark Deep Human Silly Tragic Earth Power Action Good Books Stories Pain Unbelievable Sleep

A most terrible case of the Mondays

Help! Hugs! Love! It's Monday morning, and it's a doozie... I'm not feelin' so hot. I have an uninspiring, tragically necessary 'to do' list. And, if someone were to walk through my door right now and say: "Sami, Sami, today, it's all about you, love. Nothing else matters. Let's do some shopping, eat some lunch, find a good... Continue Reading →

The Sammy Shuffle: part 13

What are the odds? The odds of meeting a handsome young stranger who also has CP: 1 in 100 The odds of meeting an ignorant who will ask you to give up your seat: 5 in 10 Fun time riding the bus this evening! Had a good chat with handsome young stranger who just happened... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Morning

I should eat. And then I should go. I have been saying this to myself since 6:30am this morning. But all I want to do right now, is curl up on the couch and write. I should eat, though. And then I should go. It is the perfect day for an oatmeal breakfast. Dark green... Continue Reading →

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