Gone Girl

Gone Girl

Oh, man! I am so happy to be getting back on track, and for the the rain and the weekend!

Gone Girl is the title of this post because the film was on my mind, and because it is rather dark and slow-building, and unsettling, but still very well-done — all things which, during this last little chunk of time, I feel I can relate very well to.

I’ve been unsettled, off-kilter for the past little bit. But things are looking up, I’m feeling better all around and I’m looking forward to continuing this happy trend after having a difficult time dealing with sentiments like, “Ugh, this is no fun! And, I’d really rather not…”

And the drought, and the fires get some RAIN today! Good old, steady Vancouver-type rain! After a jumpstart on a toasty, bone-dry, brilliant summer totally uncharacteristic for our region, beginning in May, it is honestly comforting to hear the rain on the roof, sheeting from the sky as is common throughout most of the year.

Last, but not least, the weekend! Feeling more centred and looking for fun, perhaps I’ll visit with Grandma, or take a myself on a little adventure around town (if anyone wants to join me, you’re welcome to!).