The Sammy Shuffle: part 12

Mom and I have driven across town, on our way to welcome Ruby home off the plane at YVR after 6 months away travelling with Canada World Youth.

It’s dark, cool and crisp. The passenger pickup area outside is a thrum of activity; people, baggage, carts and cabs moving in and out and back and forth.

We creep along, casting out eyes around for that combination of brown hair, brown eyes and confidence that is my sister- and that sweet parking spot out front. No such luck. Mom pulls to the curb. There is parking attendant checking cars about fifty feet in front of us, his florescent vest blazes in the headlights.

“Stay here and watch the car ok?”

“Ok,” I say. I know exactly where this is going.

Mom climbs out and walks purposefully towards the attendant. I shake my head, smile and settle back to watch the show.

Mom approaches. The attendant turns. A short conversation follows; Mom gestures back towards the car, and the attendant nods, smiling.

“He said it’s fine. We’ll have to be quick, but we can park here.” Mom says, “I told him…”

“I knew it! You played the kid on crutches card!”

Mom smiles, “Well, yeah… 🙂 Can you get out ok? I don’t see Ruby. Come on, Sam.”

She holds the door and hands over my crutches carefully, as the attendant sends a friendly glance our way. I do my part to look suitably affected, slowing my movements and allowing my toes to drag a little more severely across the pavement.

The attendant moves on, and Mom and I bolt through the doors, push through the crowds and within a few short minutes, find Ruby standing with the CWY crew and several parents, making introductions.

There are hugs, smiles and stories all around, as those who have become family part to welcome parents and siblings.

Welcome home 🙂


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